Recruiting in Brazil – Hiring Employees in Brazil

Once your company is incorporated, you will need local resources to help you manage and grow your business. Great Start Ltda is also a consulting company specialized in recruitment, placement and staffing of new businesses.

Great Start is experienced to identify and select management with highly qualified linguistic and technical skills, plus a strong multi-cultural background. We are well known for our expertise in placing multi-lingual executive secretaries, office managers and administrative assistants at top level positions in national and international companies.

Each candidate is personally interviewed by Great Start in order to establish personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. All candidates are guided through a self-examination process to identify any failing. Recommendations for specialized training, courses, etc. are made and followed up. The main objective of Great Start is to ensure that candidates are selected on the basis of what the client needs to fill his immediate personnel requirements. Therefore a thorough briefing session with the client is absolutely necessary to establish details. All interviewing and consulting is done in a caring and professional atmosphere. Great Start also places interview rooms at the disposal of clients, should this be the case.

The importance given to the initial meeting with our client is what provides Great Start with a complete profile of the personal and cultural requirements, the workplace, a job description, other people involved, etc. We are then able to present pre-selected candidates normally within two weeks, since our aim is that our client resolve this problem in the most efficient manner possible.


I truly recommend Astrid as a very competent Headhunter at Great Start.I had a chance to be closer to her when she placed me at MasterCard, where I ended up staying for 15 years. She is a very serious, commited and wonderful professional. She knows how to deliver to the client like no one else. She has an unique style and competence.

Her support and care about people make her a very special person.
Wilma Godoy