P&L – Educação Executiva
“There are some great firms as there are great individuals. When you are fortunate to combine the two, one has the magic known as Great Start, the embodiment of Astrid Rizzi’s dream. She makes the difference!”.
Robert Wong, Managing Partner

Renault do Brazil
“We wish to thank Great Start for services rendered since our company arrived in Brazil, in what refers to personnel selection and recruitment. Over time, we came to appreciate the level of candidates presented to us by Great Start, specially in terms of their academic qualifications and professional experience. And mainly, through the assistance and good counseling received in a more profound ambit than is normally established with recruitment companies…”
Claude Marcon, Human Resources

International Oriental Carpet Centre

…she put me in touch with exactly the right people, within only a few hours…
Leon Norell

Towers, Perrin, Forster & Crosby, Ltda

…how important this personal interview is for the “matching” of secretary and boss…
Robert A. Coscarello, Vice Presidente e Diretor Gerente

Data General Ltda.
…services provided are uniquely aimed at someone who does not know where to start, who to talk to, or how much to pay….
Charles K. Brandt, General Director

Russell do Brazil
“The first time we met, you promised you could immediately provide me with an executive secretary/Office Manager that could be my right arm and virtually set up the initial office of Russell do Brazil on her own. We met on Friday; interviewed on Saturday and on Monday I had the perfect person. In two words, “you delivered”. I feel certain we will use your service again”.
Richard Francis, Market Development, Manager

Measurex International Corporation

…helping us get started in Brazil earlier then we ever hoped for…
Charles M. Worthley, President

Brunswick Indústria e Comércio LTDA

…to match the needs of the clients with the profile of the candidates…
Silvio H. W. Tichauer, Director Superintendent.

Cargill Agrícola S.A.

…your assistance in locating an executive secretary for me…
Douglas R. Linder,Presidente 

Applied Communications do Brazil Ltda.
“Applied Communications do Brazil has looked to Great Start for assistance in screening and selecting highly qualified individuals for various positions within our company. Great Start’s ability to understand the requirements of the position and to match candidates to these abilities has resulted in successful searches within minimal timeframes…”
Douglas R. Linder,Presidente

Pro Banking Systems S.A.
…organized the search, carried out the selection and all related aspects in hiring my Office-Manager within a time frame of three days – and it happened during a weekend……
Per Øistein Pederseb, President 

Banco Union

….not only for the professional services so capably rendered but, fundamentally, for the warm human relationship, which GREAT START provided for all of us…….

Young & Rubicam
“Astrid was a critical factor in the successful launching of Young & Rubicam advertising in Sao Paulo. Her efforts help insure one the most profitable first year’s in the company’s history. We could not have done it without her.”.
Alan Zwiebel, Creative and Art Director
Young & Rubicam